Pictures shared with the post show how the cop skillfully handled the reptile.

It’s no secret that the life of a cop is one that’s full of challenges – which is why police officers go through rigorous training before starting a career in fighting crime and law enforcement. However, sometimes, police officers also have to handle situations that they have no prior training in. Case in point, this officer who was called in to help after someone spotted a python on the loose. A post shared by New Jersey State Police on Facebook details how the cop handled the situation.

According to the post, an officer was called to respond after a python was “dropped in a toll collector’s basket”.

“As Trooper Steven Vallejo responded to the call, he tried to remember our snake handling portion of our academy training. Luckily, by the time he arrived, he remembered–we don’t have a snake handling portion of academy training,” says the post, shared on January 13.

Turns out the python was actually found by a maintenance worker in a broken aquarium on the side of the road. Trooper Vallejo used his expandable baton and leather gloves to rescue the reptile. The python was later sent to a pet care shop to be looked after.

Pictures shared with the post show how the cop skillfully handled the reptile.



Since being shared, the post has collected over 3,200 reactions and more than 600 shares.

“Another reason I could not be a police officer! Well done Trooper! You are certainly quite brave,” says one Facebook user. “Job well done. But better him then me,” says another.

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