6 Health Benefits Of Aerobic Workouts

Exercising also plays an important role when it comes to fitness. But a new study unfolds another benefit of exercising. Turns out, it can also help you fight addictions! According to a study conducted by the University of Buffalo, aerobic exercises may impact the brain in a way which may support treatment strategies for the prevention of addictions. Aerobics is that form of exercise which boosts your heart rate, blood circulation and breathing. It can be helpful for diabetics, arthritic and heart disease patients. This workout also offers mental health benefits like relief from anxiety, depression and stress. Studies also show that aerobic exercises may help in the prevention and relapse of substance abuse from of alcohol, nicotine and other stimulants. Aerobic exercise, A.K.A, cardio workouts, help the body deliver oxygen and blood to all its parts thereby improving heart and lung function. But aerobic workouts have much more to themselves. These workouts are beneficial for much more than your heart and lungs.Also read: Did You Know How Many Calories Swimming Can Burn?

The most popular forms of aerobic or cardio workouts include:

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Kickboxing
  • Dancing
  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Jumping rope
  • Cycling



Swimming is a common form of aerobic workouts


Here are 6 important health benefits of aerobic (cardio) workouts. Take a look.

1. Weight loss

Aerobic workouts are a great way to shed those extra pounds in a fun way. While exercising, your body burns the fat cells and this induces overall weight loss. Besides this, aerobics also helps you get a toned body and perfect posture.

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Excess body weight or obesity contributes to a number of diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more. Aerobic workouts help you cut down on extra body weight, thereby reducing your risk of major diseases. Studies show that walking can be beneficial for reducing the risk of osteoporosis and other health complications involved with it. Likewise, swimming and other water-aerobics can be beneficial for arthritis patients.

3. Improving muscle health

Aerobic workouts help you build microscopic blood vessels which allow sufficient amount of oxygen in the muscles which keeps them healthy and strong. This keeps the muscles safe from damage due to lactic acid. Aerobic workouts may help in decreasing discomfort experienced by people dealing with chronic body and muscle pain.

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4. Longer life

A study published in 1986 established a strong link between aerobic workouts and longevity. When you engage in aerobic workouts, your body loses weight and this reduces your risk of diseases, both fatal and disabling diseases. This way it helps boost your life expectancy and it improves your quality of life as well.

5. Mental health benefits

While exercising, your mind is solely focused towards the workout. This is when it does not focus on anxieties and depressing things. Besides this, while exercising, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are happy hormones which promotes a heightened sense of well-being. They also boost your confidence, memory, brain function and emotional stability.

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6. Reduces fatigue

Chronic fatigue is also an increasingly common occurrence in today’s world. More and more people deal with it because of underlying health conditions like diabetes, heart problems and sometimes due to depression. One of the best ways to deal with this in a healthy way is to practice aerobic workouts. Aerobics help you improve heart function, blood sugar control and keep depression symptoms at bay. By keeping all these in check, aerobic workouts help you keep chronic fatigue at bay.

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