A Mexican vote with big consequences

A Mexican vote with big consequences


THE wood-panelled walls of Rodrigo Moya Torres’s study are decorated with hunting knives. On his desk lies a pistol; underneath is a rifle. Mr Moya, who wears a black Stetson and monogrammed cowboy boots, grew up on a ranch. But he has spent the past 31 years publishing a weekly newspaper in the town of Ecatepec, just north of Mexico City.

The firearms are for self-defence. The opinion pages of his newspaper, Morelos de Ecatepec, fulminate against corruption at all levels of government. Mr Moya has received death threats; a local politician tried to kidnap him, he says. No politician merits his respect. “They treat people badly and they don’t look after them,” he fumes.

Ecatepec is a violent part of the State of Mexico, which encircles the country’s capital city almost fully and provides a home to many people who work there. Many of its inhabitants seem to share Mr Moya’s contempt for politicians, which suggests that turnout in a…Continue reading


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