Assessing F1’s first 2019 car to break cover

The car Haas displayed at a launch event in London was based predominantly on its design from last year, but did feature the team’s front wing solution built to new-for-2019 regulations.

Renderings of the definitive VF-19 challenger released at the same time also offer us a broader idea of what to expect from this season’s cars.

Glenn Freeman is joined by Autosport’s Technical Editor Jake Boxall-Legge to discuss the differences between Haas’s 2019 front wing and the versions trialled by some teams last year, as well as the key parts that stand out on the new car – including the areas in which Haas has taken cues from Ferrari.

Legendary technical illustrator Giorgio Piola also gives his verdict on the first of F1 2019’s cars to appear.

More Haas insight:

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