Baghdadi: US releases new images of raid on IS leader’s compound | US News

New footage has been released of the US raid on Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s compound, during which the IS leader blew himself up.

Grainy black and white videos show American forces approaching the property in Syria.

They also reveal a huge plume of smoke as the compound was destroyed when they had finished.

American forces closing in on Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s compound. Pic: US government

The head of United States Central Command, general Frank McKenzie, said US forces “discovered Baghdadi hiding in a tunnel”.

“When capture at the hands of US forces was imminent, Baghdadi detonated a bomb he wore, killing himself and two young children that were with him. We originally thought there were three children with him.”

Another five IS members “presented a threat to the force”, General McKenzie said, and “did not respond to requests in Arabic to surrender”.

General McKenzie added during a briefing at the Pentagon that they were “engaged by the raid force and killed”.

There were four women and one man.

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi became a feared preacher of hate.
Abu Bakr al Baghdadi became a feared preacher of hate

“After Baghdadi’s murder-suicide, our assault force cleared significant debris from the tunnel and secured Baghdadi’s remains for identity confirmation,” General McKenzie said.

“Baghdadi’s remains were buried at sea in accordance with the law of armed conflict within 24 hours of his death.

“The assault force secured whatever documentation and electronics we could find, which was substantial.”

Non-combatants, including 11 children, were “detained and later released”, General McKenzie said.

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