Billionaire heiress Iris Goldsmith dies at 15 in quadbike crash

Posted July 12, 2019 10:12:03

An heiress to two powerful British dynasties — the Goldsmith and Rothschild families — has died in a quadbike accident on a family farm aged just 15.

Key points:

  • Iris Goldsmith became trapped when her vehicle overturned
  • She was an heiress of two of Britain’s most powerful and wealthy families
  • Ben Goldsmith and his ex-wife Kate Rothschild were married in 2003

Iris Annabel Goldsmith, the daughter of millionaire financier Ben Goldsmith and his ex-wife, Kate Rothschild, was killed in an accident on the her father’s property in Somerset.

“Dear God, please can I have my beautiful, brilliant, kind little girl back,” Mr Goldsmith posted on Twitter. “It hurts so much I can’t describe.”

The BBC reported that Goldsmith became trapped when her vehicle overturned and police were not treating the accident as suspicious.

South West Ambulance Service told the BBC an air ambulance was sent to the scene after emergency services were called at about 3pm Monday (local time).

Goldsmith’s parents married in 2003, uniting two of Britain’s most powerful and wealthy families, who have had great influence in the world of politics and finance.

The couple also had two sons — Frankie, 13, and Isaac,11, — before separating in 2012.

Mr Goldsmith and Ms Rothschild are believed to have a joint fortune of over £300 million ($AU538.8 million).

Goldsmith was a student at Wycombe Abbey boarding school in Buckinghamshire, whose academic results were reported to be among Britain’s highest.

Tributes posted on social media

Tributes were posted on Twitter and Facebook offering condolences to the family and describing the teenager as “beautiful”, “charming” and “an absolute delight”.

Jemima Goldsmith — Mr Goldsmith’s sister and former wife of retired cricketer and current Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan — tweeted an appeal to the media to allow the family to grieve the death of her niece in private.

“We are dealing with a devastating family tragedy,” she said.

Goldsmith’s former teacher Alison Holford tweeted she was “heartbroken to hear of the tragic death”.

“I will never forget her lovely smile and generous nature,” she wrote.

Isabel Goldsmith — Mr Goldsmith’s sister and aunt of the deceased — posted condolences to the family on Facebook.

“Iris was a lovely, gentle girl and Ben is the most loving, caring father.”


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