Black Shark 2 shown playing PUBG, is already up on

As seen in the official trailer, the Black Shark 2 will lean on PUBG for marketing. You can see the popular Battle Royale game in this next video posted by the gaming brand’s CEO.


The phone will be unveiled on March 18 and on that day the company will run a lottery through Weibo, giving away 100 units.

Meanwhile, the Black Shark 2 is up on The specifications and price have not been published on the site yet, but the Black Shark Helo is currently CNY 3,200, down from the original CNY 3,700 ($475, down from $550). Previously, the phone was seen on the brand’s official store, again with no details on specs or price.

Anyway, the video above mentions smooth gameplay and that will be enabled by a Snapdragon 855 with up to 12GB of RAM and Liquid Cool 3.0. Black Shark also worked to reduce screen flicker at low brightness (using DC dimming instead of PWM) and it sounds like it is optimizing touch latency as well. Other improvements include extending the battery life by up to 60% more charge cycles.

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