Posted October 17, 2018 19:10:56

It can run. It can hide. It can twerk.

Engineering and robotics firm Boston Dynamics has taken a break from scaring people and released new, more-endearing footage of its sophisticated robotic dog, Spot.

Earlier this year, many on social media were frightened by footage of the four-legged robot using its claw to open a door.

But the latest footage reveals the often dubbed “killer” robot also has some killer moves.

It shows the SpotMini bopping to a cover of Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars, as well as doing an impressive version of the running man and twerking.

On Twitter, some were impressed by the human-like movements, but others still found it creepy.

Boston Dynamics’ humanoid can also do parkour

Just last week, Boston Dynamics released some unnerving footage of its Atlas humanoid running, jumping and doing backflips.

The video showed the 75-kilogram robot could navigate a multi-tiered obstacle course with ease.

The US-based firm says its mission is to, “build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed”.

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