British teacher gored by water buffalo in Cambodia

A British teacher who was gored by a water buffalo in Cambodia feels “lucky” to be alive and has said she does not want the animal to “come to any harm”.

Fiona Childs “kicked and screamed” as the animal charged at her on the island of Koh Rong Samloem.

Islanders rushed to her aid as she tried to fend off the animal which attacked her shins and thighs.

She was rushed to a mainland hospital in Sihanoukville following Tuesday’s attack.

Ms Childs, who teaches at St Andrews International School near Bangkok in Thailand, was on a half-term break at the time.

A spokeswoman for the school said Ms Childs, who is reportedly from Crawley in West Sussex, is “fine”, but is still unable to walk because of her injuries.

 British woman who was gored by a water buffalo on Monday (February 19) on a Cambodian island was transferred to a mainland hospital in Sihanoukville on Tuesday (February 21).
Fiona Childs, who sustained injuries on her shins and thighs as she was trying to fend off the animal, was ferried to a hospital after being helped by villagers on the island of Koh Rong Samloem.
Ms Childs was rushed to a mainland hospital in Sihanoukville

“We are now organising an ambulance to Bangkok, so we can take care of her,” she said.

“She was heading to the beach when a buffalo confronted her on the path and attacked.

“It seems to have gone wild and has attacked several people, but none as badly as this.

“Its owner has been incredibly supportive, and has taken responsibility and is paying all of her expenses while she is in Cambodia.

“Fiona herself doesn’t want it (the buffalo) to come to any harm, but it had obviously been on the loose.

“She’s really lucky because it’s her legs rather than her stomach or head. I believe she kicked and screamed, but the buffalo did charge.”

According to Ms Child’s Facebook page, she has previously worked with several environmental and animal rights organisations, including Shark Savers and The Reef-World Foundation.

In a 2016 post, she encouraged “UK citizens and resident friends” to sign a petition calling for a ban on the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetics sold in Britain to stop them ending up in waterways and oceans.

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