Congress Student Leader NSUI Irfan Hussain Threatens Teen After She Complains Of Molestation

“I will make it very difficult for you to enter the college,” NSUI leader tells girl.

Shahjahanpur: A Congress student body leader is caught on camera threatening a student after she complained of harassment in a Uttar Pradesh college.

In the video, which is in wide circulation online, National Students Union of India (NSUI) district president Irfan Hussain is seen backing those who allegedly harassed the teen and brazenly telling her to behave. “You are just in the first year now, you have to stay here for three more years, sudhar jao (better behave). I will make it very difficult for you to enter the college,” he can be heard saying in the video.

After a brief argument between the two, Hussain says, “Ladki agar daayre mein hai to hi acchi lagti hai” (A woman looks good when she stays within limits).

During the entire argument, the college staff did not intervene.

After the video went viral, the Congress student body suspended Hussain and ordered him not to participate in any activity in the organisation.

NSUI district president Irfan Hussain’s suspension letter.

The police are looking for Hussain, who is missing after a case was registered against him.

“An FIR has been registered against the accused. We will arrest him soon,” police officer D Tripathi told news agency ANI.

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