Country stars who served their country
These country music singers sing and they serve.”>Fox News

Craig Morgan

It’s hard to believe that Craig Morgan is old enough to have served nearly two decades in the military and another 10 years as a successful country artist. The “International Harvester” singer might also want to consider a career as a firefighter. In 2011, he saved two children from a home fire in Tennessee. Is there anything Morgan can’t do?



George Strait

If George Strait hadn’t enlisted in the Army, he might not have become a country music singer. Right after he and his high school sweetheart eloped after graduation, he joined the service. It was in the military that Strait learned how to perform in the U.S. Army-sponsored band “Rambling Country.”



James Otto

Otto comes from a long line of military veterans. The singer’s grandfather served in the Korean War and his father was a drill sergeant. So it was an easy decision for Otto to join the Navy where he served for two years before pursuing a singing career in country music.



Willie Nelson

Before he started his career as a country music star the “On the Road Again” singer joined the Air Force after finishing high school.



Johnny Cash

The military is also where Johnny Cash began his singing career. He enlisted in the Air Force at the same time as fellow singer Willie Nelson, in 1950. Cash became a Morse Code Intercept Operator for Soviet Army transmissions in Landsberg, Germany. It was there that he created his first band called “The Landsberg Barbarians” and the rest is country music history.



Jamey Johnson

Singer Jamey Johnson had a successful military career before turning to country music. After two years in college, Johnson dropped out to serve his country. He went on to serve in the Marine Corps Reserve for eight years before heading to Nashville to pursue music.



Kris Kristofferson

Following in his father’s footsteps, Kristofferson joined the Army where he was eventually stationed in West Germany in the early 1960s. He was offered a job as an English teacher for the military but turned it down to become a country singer.



George Jones

The great, late George Jones served in the Marine Corps during the Korean War but was never deployed overseas. Shortly after completing his service, “The Possom” began what turned out to be one of the most successful careers in country music.



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