David Copperfield not liable for Briton’s vanishing act injuries

David Copperfield was negligent but not responsible for a British tourist’s injuries during a vanishing act in Las Vegas, a jury has found.

Audience member Gavin Cox and his wife Minh-Hahn Cox, who live in Kent, were hoping to win damages from the 61-year-old illusionist after participating in the act in November 2013.

Mr Cox claimed he suffered lasting brain damage and body injuries after he fell over while being led through a secret passageway at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

He told US jurors he was injured when he was “hurried with no guidance or instruction through a dark area under construction, with cement dust and debris causing him to slip and fall”.

Gavin Cox slipped during the performance at the MGM Grand hotel

The claimant was hoping to seek damages from Copperfield, two of his business entities, the MGM Grand and a construction firm that was renovating the hotel.

Copperfield had tried to prevent the case being held in public as it revealed the secrets behind his vanishing act.

Mr Cox was taken to hospital with a dislocated shoulder but claims he suffered chronic pain, headaches and confusion when he returned to the UK.

Attorneys estimated that Mr Cox had built up more than $400,000 (£301,490) in medical costs.

“I was having a good time up until the time I was injured,” the 57-year-old former chef had said.

David Copperfield is one of the highest earning entertainers in the world
David Copperfield is one of the highest earning entertainers in the world

Copperfield testified that he knew of no one getting hurt during the act in 20 years.

Jurors found no liability for each of those named in the lawsuit – and instead found Mr Cox 100% responsible for his own injuries.

The state civil court did find negligence by Copperfield, his company – Backstage Disappearing Inc – and the hotel.

The ruling means the Coxes cannot seek monetary damages, court spokeswoman Mary Ann Price said.

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