Married at First Sight Davina Rankin – The Most Despised Woman in Australia? No, the World.

Rankin – The Home Wrecker

In America, many watch Married at First Sight through various streaming services. While the U.S. Version of the famed show is a bit watered down from the Aussie version, the recipe for the show remains the same; put a bunch of strangers together, get them to tie the knot, follow them through their relationship (ups and downs) and see who makes it to the end. While there’s no gold at the end of this rainbow, there is something better than gold (awaiting those who can weather their storms) TRUE LOVE!!!!!

Davina Rankin has to be the absolute worst match for anything that can draw a breath. Davina claims she has a few hundred thousand followers on Instagram and claims she’s an Instagram Model. The question I would have is did she pay for those followers prior to getting on the program so she had some claim to fame? Let’s face the it! Anyone can buy a few hundred thousand Instagram followers for as little as 500 bucks!

Is Davina just some media whore seeking to create a career out of being a villain or, is she just some lonely, unattractive whack job preying on men? 

As in most reality television shows there has to be a few villains. In this season, there is only ONE main villain and that’s Davina Rankin. Davina (the Devil) has brought this program to NEW lows. Davina could be the poster girl for why some men never get married (scrap away the piles of make-up on this one and you may find yourself coming face to face with a sub-human species). While she may be somewhat attractive (on the surface), she has proven she has an ugly soul. Duplicitous, malicious, vindictive, manipulative (and cruel), are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the actions of this sub-human excrement. If this reads as a cruel assessment of a self-proclaimed femme fatale, what I’ve stated within this article is out there for the world to see.

Davina may have a future in the Horror Genre, as she sure knows how to strip a man of his self-worth. Strip away the make-up and what you see is what you get!

Davina Rankin - The Horrible
Davina Rankin – Doing What She Does Best!

Why did Rankin go on this television program? Who knows. Her defense (to her overt takeover actions), were despicable and unconscionable. Her play for Dean was evident from the start and Dean did what some guys will do (think with his little head). The problem was Ryan got screwed on more levels than anyone else in the history of this show. Ryan is simply a “nice guy”. What’s a bit disturbing is Dean’s aversion to coming clean to Ryan (and simply being a “good mate”) to warn Ryan of Davina’s ultimate intentions.

While most of the other couples are forging ahead, the only other REAL mystery is why Nassar is pictured with a group of gay friends and his unwillingness to give his partner (Gabrielle) what she needs (as a woman), leads one to think that maybe Nassar is not all that he claims to be. At times, it appears as though Nassar would make more of a good housemate than a husband. 

On another front, we have the three mating experts, who appear to have made more than few bad calls this season. Hate to say it, but, maybe these folks could have done better using a Dating App, as opposed to trusting their sanity, feelings and emotions to three strangers. In the end, Davina more than likely thinks even bad publicity is good publicity. In her case, her claim to fame may be that the “C” word will always be on the minds of those who cross her path.