FCC listing for Samsung Galaxy Note9’s S Pen confirms Bluetooth support

Recently, there were rumors that Samsung Galaxy Note9‘s S Pen will feature Bluetooth. Well, those rumors have now been confirmed by the US FCC. Documents on the agency’s website have revealed the S Pen (model number EJ-PN960) is a 2.4GHz Bluetooth LE device.

Sadly, FCC doesn’t reveal all the stylus is capable of. However, rumors say in addition to standard features, the S Pen could also let you control music playback as well as trigger a long-range remote self-timer. It could be used to launch Bixby as well.

For its part, Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything related to the S Pen yet, aside from dropping hints that the stylus would be the main focus of the August 9 event.

Meanwhile, the unlocked variant of Samsung Galaxy Note9 has also been certified by the US FCC. The device carries a model number of SM-N960U, and is compatible with all major US carriers.

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