From AR Pokéballs to Pokémon For Switch, It’s Raining Pokémon News!

If Pokémon Go lacks one very specific thing, it’s the actual throwing of Pokéballs to catch augmented reality beasties. But that will become reality very soon, along with a swag of new Pokémon action on the Nintendo Switch.


The latest announcements from the Pokémon Company, along with new titles for Switch that will deliver Go-style fun with the full RPG vibes we love in a full fat Pokémon game.

While Bethesda has gone the teaser route in the lead up to E3, the Pokémon Company held an event to announce actual, real games – even release dates!

First up, the new Pokémon Quest launched TODAY on the Nintendo Switch. A “free-to-start” RPG (nice euphemism for in-app purchases) with a voxel art vibe – that’s a 3D blocky 8-bit graphic style – that will have you exploring Pokémon from the classic Kanto region.

Then there was the less detailed announcement of a new “core” Pokémon game scheduled for the second half of 2019. So stay tuned for more on that somewhere down the line.

But the biggest announcement of the bunch was the new “Let’s Go” games for Switch. “Let’s Go Pikachu” and “Let’s Go Eevee” will launch November 16 and deliver a classic exploration experience while linking into your Pokémon Go collection.


As you’ll see in the video, it looks like “Let’s Go” will be the connection that lets us begin to trade Pokémon we’ve been hoarding in Go, but so much more.

Bringing that collection to life in a traditional game with all sorts of fun weird options like dress ups and running around the game world with our buddies looks fantastic.

Yes, as someone who has quite a few Pokémon Go catches in my pocket, I’m ready for this.

Attached to this announcement is the Pokéball Plus, which acts as a Joy-con controller for playing “Let’s Go” on the Switch AND take your Pokémon for walks like the Pokémon Go Plus wristband experience.

With full Joy-con utility it also means HD rumble effects which they claim will make the ball feel like your Pokémon is really inside.

I just hope it doesn’t suddenly make us feel weird about trapping these cute creatures in such a tiny space.

All in all, that’s a healthy dose of Pokémon news and if it fades into the background of E3 noise in coming weeks then we’ll have had a very good E3 indeed.

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