The worst thing that clickbait has ever done to online reading habits isn’t wasting your time with inane nonsense, but the level of mistrust it has created between the reader and outlet.

So, when something truly remarkable makes an appearance, it’s almost impossible to give it the attention it actually deserves for fear of it being dismissed as said clickbait. I’ve been caught out by it, you have and we all have been caught at one stage or another.

This, however, is truly special.

I’ll confess that I spend far more time watching rally on-boards than is probably normal, but this has to be up there with some of the best pieces of footage I have ever seen. Captured just last weekend at the Killarney Historic Rally, it features current Citroën WRC driver Craig Breen behind the wheel of a MG Metro 6R4 tackling the wet and winding Molls Gap Special Stage, with Paul Nagle at his side.


A modern WRC car might well be faster across the ‘Gap’, but there’s no argument that the V6 Metro isn’t the more impressive spectacle from both inside and outside the car.


Short of an Audi Quattro, the 6R4 is one of the most iconic sights and sounds of ’80s rallying. Despite being at a significant disadvantage against its turbocharged rivals, the 6R4 still remains a cult icon of the Group B era. When in the right hands, regardless of being on ’00’ duties, it’s still as impressive and spectacular today as it was in its hey day.

If there’s one thing that benefits the 6R4 today, is that we have the technology to really capture the action like we couldn’t three decades ago. The point-of-view helmet cam gives an unparalleled level of immersion as to what it takes to extract every iota of performance from a Group B car. From the manual shifts on the dog-leg box, the whine of the transmission and the micro-inputs required from the driver to keep it all between the ditches.

Now, imagine how much quicker he might have gone had he been against the clock? WRC drivers really are a different breed…

Paddy McGrath
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Photo by Cian Donnellan
Facebook: Cian Don

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