Many may think that the discomfort and inconvenience associated with mammograms is a given, and that women just have to “put up with it” in the best interest of their health. Women, health advocates, and health care professionals take note: not all mammography experiences need be the same.

Experiences and facilities can be designed to accommodate and provide personalized care to help health care professionals meet their patients’ needs. For example, to better accommodate patients, health care professionals can increase access and convenience by offering screenings within the same facility (versus referring to an outside radiologist) and also by offering quick results reporting, patient portals and extended office hours. Physician offices can also differentiate their services by offering mammography systems that personalize compression to the patient.

The bottom line is that women and their health advocates, clinicians and industry all have a role to play in addressing the needs and concerns women have about this important test. In our role as manufacturers, we must continue to advance breast screening technology so that health care professionals can provide the best possible care—and peace of mind—to their female patients.