I Believe Class 11 Student Killed Pradyuman, Says Murdered Child’s Father

I Believe Class 11 Student Killed Pradyuman, Says Murdered Child’s Father

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Varun Thakur says that two months after his son’s murder, it sounds like justice is being done.

New Delhi: 
He was first told that a school bus conductor killed his son, Pradyuman, just minutes after he dropped the 7-year-old to school in Gurgaon. Now, Varun Thakur was told that the CBI has identified a new suspect – a student of Class 11 in the same school, Ryan’s International, who believed that the crime would ensure that exams would be postponed.

Varun Thakur says that two months after his son’s throat was slit in a bathroom on campus, it sounds like justice is being done. The murder stumped the country and provoked a national debate on safety at schools.

“The sequence of events just didn’t sit right,” he told NDTV about the Gurgaon police’s claim that a bus conductor, Ashok Kumar, had murdered Pradyuman who resisted sexual assault in the bathroom.

“How could everything including sexual assault happen in such a short time?” he asked today, repeating the doubts he expressed when the conductor was arrested about 20 hours after Pradyuman’s death.

The CBI took over the case from the Gurgaon police last month and has explained its premise, Varun Thakur said from his home in Gurgaon.

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Pradyuman was found murdered just minutes after he was dropped to school in Gurgaon.

“We were in touch with the CBI but they told us all this today. It may seem strange to others – about why a student would do this. But we met a team of officers and they told us how this student has been found guilty. The exam pressure can be tremendous,” he said.

The CBI says that the teen student it has detained for Padyuman‘s murder had been seen at school with the knife that was used to kill the young child. The weapon has been found by the CBI in the bathroom. When asked if the multiple lapses by the school – poor security, poor  supervision of children, and the overlooking of a student carrying a knife to school – haunts him, he said, “Whatever has happened to Pradyuman should not happen to any other student. We keep thinking about this – what could have happened if they paid attention.”

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