How They Do It In Hong Kong

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Despite its relatively small physical size, Hong Kong is a place where car culture thrives. If you visit you will always see a few interesting cars on the streets, but for the most part, the real scene is underground. Because just like in Singapore and Malaysia, the authorities definitely don’t make it easy to be
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Big Cuts & Ditch Hunting at Rally Ypres

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This is becoming repetitive, almost to the point of feeling utterly futile. Each 30-second blast feels exactly like the last, only this time there is an angry-looking man approaching at a rapid pace and I have little time to compose myself. Everything is flung across the passenger seat in flash, and my now free left
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Let Me Show You How To Supra

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Ah, the MkIV Toyota Supra. The first thing that comes to mind lately is that meme video of the guys in a car wash yelling “Is that a Supra?!” and one of them proceeding to spray his glasses with Windex. It’s truly a classic reaction, right? But what is it that’s helped the Supra gain its reputation as one
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It Started With a Tag, How Did It End Up Like This?

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It’s the usual scenario in the modern world. You’re minding your own business on a Friday night when the phone buzzes with yet another social media notification. Ughhhh. Rationale says to ignore it, as it’s not going to be any more than a 30-second attention grabber, but the urge remains to click in for a
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Flanker-F: The Evil Empire’s Wildest Build Yet

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The Evil Empire is one of the oldest drift teams in Russia, and since they got their start in 2009 they’ve put the EE name to a number of unique and unconventional builds. But the latest creation out of the team’s Saint Petersburg compound takes things to a whole new level. Thanks to Lex Ulanov, 
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Villains Sportsland: The Crowdfunded Drift Track

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Villains Sportsland is a special piece of drift heaven located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. But what makes this place even more special is that it was funded by the drifting community. If the ‘Sportsland’ part of the facility’s name didn’t already give it away, the new track pays homage to the iconic ‘C course’ at Meihan Sportsland
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Kustom Kulture Forever – Speedhunters

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Custom culture events have never been as popular in Europe as they are right now. The hot rodding culture that defined 1950s America has grown immensely in the time since, and now it’s conquering the hearts of car and bike lovers right across the world. Late last month, the European faithful made their way to Zeche Ewald,
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Discovering Kyusha Culture – Speedhunters

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It’s coming up to my third year anniversary of living in Japan. While based in Tokyo and Saitama, I often frequented the local car meets with my partner in crime, Benny, who’s largely responsible for my interest in old Japanese cars and photography. Fast forward to 2017 and I found myself living in Saga Prefecture,
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