Judge Releases Man Accused of Trying to Steal NYPD Cop’s Gun

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A judge released a man without bail after he allegedly ran into a New York City police station, caused a disturbance and tried to steal an officer’s gun.

Kurdel Emmanuel is accused of storming a stationhouse on Knickerbocker Avenue in Bushwick and grabbing a female officer’s belt, the New York Post reported.

Judge Loren Baily-Schiffman refused the NYPD’s request for a $250,000 bond and instead released Emmanuel on his own recognizance.

“There is no easy reasonable explanation for this abomination of a legal decision,” former NYPD cop Dan Bongino said on “The Story.”

Bongino said the thought of keeping Emmanuel in custody under a heavy bail was a “ground ball decision.” 

He said Baily-Schiffman was an “activist judge” who apparently missed the assassination of a cop just last week.

Bongino said Emmanuel could likely have also gotten involuntarily committed to an asylum for an evaluation.

He said that the incident is the latest in broadsides against the “banged-up” NYPD.

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