Many DemoBrats OWE President Donald Trump a BIG LEAGUE Apology!

The members of the swamp!

We’ll keep this short and sweet! Someone owes the American taxpayers 25 million dollars and a BIG LEAGUE apology to President Donald Trump!

625 days of accusing ONE man (and his campaign) of collusion. No evidence, just feelings and unlimited slandering of an American President!

President Trump just won his second term, hands down! It took one man to bring down the Washington corruption train. Pelosi, Schumer, Warner, and Schiff have created a swirl in the Swamp toilet that will undoubtedly suck them down (and out) of the political game. All of YOU should be ashamed of yourselves for being so un-American, unjust and unfit to hold any public office!

We Don’t Know What Went Wrong.

The fate of those Democrats running for POTUS in 2020 has been signed, sealed and delivered by their man Robert Mueller. Sometimes it best to not wish upon a star as it can come crashing back down upon you at the most inopportune time in history.

From Beto (the darling DUI man child) to Corey Booker, who sounds like a man who would be more believable as a car salesman, the DemoBrat field has no one to go the distance.

Biden the Sniffer

Joe Biden may have lost his chance in 2016 to his pal Hillary as his political career ended with Obama. Idiotic remarks, cuddling (publicly) with every woman he meets and his age are the negatives. The positives are few (and far between), as no one knows exactly what Joe has ever accomplished other than play second to a President who did little to mend racial divides or do anything memorable other than his eight year apology tour.

The Media vs. Trump

Trump has many enemies among the DemoBrats, but, all pale in comparison to the media, which has elected to vilify, slander and make up their own news all in search for the elusive high ratings that Fox News has garnered during the past two years. Trump has a friend in Fox and it appears as though he knows that’s all he needs. Trump has mastered the art of controlling his message through social media and is second to none in keeping his message in front of his millions of followers.

The end game is near for 2020 as the Dems will continue to attempt to thwart Trump by hook or by crook, however, he’s the master of the game and their loss will be America’s win come election time.


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