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A promise goes a long way in a relationship. On Promise Day, send these vows to your partner

New Delhi:  The fifth day in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day is Promise Day. It’s the day couples make honest promises to each other – the ones that reassure your partner about your commitment to the relationship and some silly ones to make them happy. It’s human nature to break promises and but keeping some vows can make all the difference in a relationship, like the promise to love your partner unconditionally without changing a thing about them. While Valentine week is essentially for those in relationships, but Promise Day needn’t be just for couples. This Promise Day, make a pledge to be a better child, a better friend or a better sibling. But if you’re a couple, we’ve compiled 10 meaningful promises you can make to your plus one to assure them they mean the world to you.

Promise Day messages for your significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend or life partner:

I promise to never try to change who you are, I will love you just the way you are

I promise to hold your hand through sickness and health, through good and bad, through highs and lows. Together we’ll make it through

I promise to not hog the blanket at night and keep you warm

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Happy Promise Day: Promise your partner to be with them in sickness or health

I promise “we” will always be my priority and I will always stand up for you

I promise I’ll admit it when I’m wrong and never go to bed angry

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Happy Promise Day: Promise to never take your fights to bed

I promise to encourage you to keep challenging yourself and on days you feel like giving up, I will push to keep trying

I promise to like most of your posts on social media, even the bad selfies

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Happy Promise Day: Promise to like your partner’s photos, even the duck-face selfies

I promise to take care of myself so I can take care of youI promise to share all your burdens – cooking, cleaning and everything else

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Happy Promise Day: Promise to share the burden of all the domestic work

And lastly, I promise to always remind you how much I love you

Valentine’s week is almost over with Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day already past us. With just Hug Day and Kiss Day to go, couples must be busy making special plans for Valentine’s Day.

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