Michel Barnier is impatient for Britain to get its Brexit points in order

MICHEL BARNIER, the French diplomat who will lead the European Union’s Brexit negotiations, is keen to project an air of strength and stability. Asked if he is worried that the talks could blow up, he wanders over to his desk and picks up a mug emblazoned with the mantra “Keep Calm and Negotiate”, declaring: “There won’t be any drama from my side.”

Speaking to eight European newspapers, including The Economist, in his first interview since securing the Brexit job last July, Mr Barnier refuses to be drawn out on the chaos unfolding across the English Channel after last week’s general election, in which the ruling Conservative Party failed to win an overall majority. But he expresses his concern that no talks have taken place in the two-and-a-half months since Theresa May, the Prime Minister, triggered the two-year process for Britain’s withdrawal under Article 50 of the EU Treaty. “We haven’t…Continue reading

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