Behold this 1979 Ferrari 308 GTB, one that is lower and cooler than almost any car I’ve ever seen before.

It’s owned by Andy Nierinck, and is the build that put KEAN Suspensions – the Belgium-based company he co-founded with his brother Kenny – on the map from the moment it was presented at Essen Motor Show in December 2017.


Before getting into this project Andy was thinking about buying a car that he could own forever, and initially he was looking for a Porsche 964S. Eventually, the Italian option eventually won out.

The Ferrari was purchased sight unseen over the internet in 2013, and when it arrived from Italy was in good, but certainly not great condition. It was a fine place to start, though.


Without delay the 308 was stripped down to the chassis, and then completely rebuilt and repainted Ferrari Rosso Red. It also received new upholstery, a blemish-free dashboard, air ride suspension (a KEAN speciality), and some carbon fiber touches. The engine wasn’t overlooked either, being pulled apart and completely freshened up.

Given that the car is 40 years old, Andy says it was quite easy to work on. He’s a qualified mechanic, of course, but rebuilding and fine-tuning the engine was a real joy for him.


And what an engine it is: a 2,927cc V8 with double overhead cams and four twin-barrel Weber carburetors, producing 252hp.

All told, the project took five years to finish. Pininfarina exterior designs like the roof spoiler, windshield wipers, passenger-side mirror, fog lights, front grille, and indicators were either removed or replaced with smoother counterparts. The front and rear bumpers and driver’s side mirror are carbon fiber items, and the whole car sits about an inch from the ground.


The GTB’s interior is just a nice place, especially when an era-correct rock band like Guns N’ Roses plays from a retro Blaupunkt cassette stereo. Importantly, the dash and all the switches and knobs have been kept original to celebrate the spirit of this Italian classic.

The suspension setup features custom air struts, Koni shocks, and new wishbones with the pump, tank and control modules are laid out in the trunk.

The fenders were rolled to fit the new 18-inch wheels – namely 3-piece S20s from AL13’s Heritage Series, featuring brushed Monaco gloss centers with highly polished outer lips and fully exposed hardware.


While the thought of owning a new Ferrari doesn’t resonate with all enthusiasts, having a well-sorted vintage model with gold mesh rims propels the owner right into the coolness hall of fame.

Because this is just not simply a stanced Ferrari, it’s much more…

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka

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