Nissan Titan XD Surfcamp is an Adventure-oriented Pickup Truck

At $32,290 from the get-go and covered by a 5-year/100,000-mile warranty, the Titan XD is one of the most compelling pickup trucks on sale today. Blurring the line between that separates the ½- and ¾-ton segments, the Titan XD is also just about perfect for beach lovers according to Nissan. The Surfcamp one-off build is the automaker’s way of proving how adventure-oriented this workhorse can be.
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Based on the Midnight Edition of the full-size pickup and designed with summer fun in the sand in mind, the truck takes inspiration from ‘60s and ‘70s surf culture. In addition to no-nonsense, body-on-frame sport utility vehicles such as the Chevrolet Blazer and Ford Bronco, surfers from back in the day used retro-licious pickups to drive to the beach with all the kit a surfer needs to take on the waves.Surfboards, paddle rods, fishing rods, even a solar-powered shower are featured, making the Titan Surfcamp somewhat of a beach oasis. Matched to the exterior paint of a Nissan Patrol (make that Armada in the United States) from 1967, the wrap that beautifies the truck’s body also takes inspiration from a Hot Wheels model from days long past.

The die-cast car in question is the 1971 Datsun Bluebird Wagon known as JNC Surf Patrol, a beach cruiser that’s rooted in the automaker’s heritage. For sandy passengers, the five-seat Titan Surfcamp is equipped with wetsuit-inspired seat covers and heavy-duty rubber floor mats. Those who feel like the heat is getting too much, the built-in awning and 125-quart cooler are just what the doctor ordered.

“In the summer, beach parking lots are full of trucks hauling surfboards, fishing rods, boats and campers as people crave the sun and sand,” explained Fred DePerez, vice president of Nissan North America’s light commercial vehicle division. “Inspired by the vintage beach trucks of the 1960s, Titan Surfcamp is a celebration of the beach truck tradition with all the modern technologies Titan customers want when they head out to surf, shore fish and camp-out by the water.”

After its reveal at ICAT, the Titan Surfcamp will head west to the Pacific Ocean at the Supergirl Surf Pro in Oceanside, California towards the end of the month. The Surfcamp is the latest lifestyle-themed build from Nissan, joining the likes of the Titan Project Basecamp, Armada Mountain Patrol, and Smokin’ Titan.

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