Nova Peris furious over daughter Jessica’s drug test leak and ASADA statement


February 22, 2018 23:34:24

Olympic gold medallist Nova Peris is furious that her athlete daughter Jessica’s positive result on a drug test was leaked, and that ASADA has seen fit to issue a statement confirming the test which is only half complete.

Key points:

  • Nova Peris insists her daughter Jessica is a “clean athlete” being subjected to trial-by-media
  • Peris family frustrated by time it’s taken for result of first sample to be relayed to them
  • Family disappointed in ASADA publicly responding to Jessica Peris’s statement about News Corp story

Nova Peris declared in a statement that not only was her daughter a “clean athlete”, but she was being subjected “to a public trial-by-media, which here is not only inappropriate, but extremely unfair”.

Late on Wednesday, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) issued a public statement saying that sample A of Jessica Peris’s urine had returned “positive for three prohibited metabolites”.

ASADA insisted it was only commenting in response to a statement made by Jessica Peris in the media on Wednesday after the story was broken in a News Corp newspaper the day before.

But Nova Peris hit back.

“It is disappointing in the extreme that ASADA has chosen to publicly respond to Jessica’s statement to the media … when all Jessica was doing was responding to a story … which for the first time reported on the positive test to this sample, and which until that time had appropriately remained confidential.

“It is incomprehensible that the details of Jessica’s October 18, 2017 positive A urine sample test were publicly leaked in the first place, while ASADA’s investigation is still ongoing.”

The Peris family is also frustrated about the time it has taken for the result of that first sample to be relayed to them.

Jessica was told about a fortnight ago, meaning she had to pull out of the Commonwealth Games trials.

But the test was four months ago.

“The fact that Jessica still has not been notified as to the results of the tests to her October 18 B urine sample makes ASADA’s statement this afternoon all the more troubling and upsetting,” Nova Peris said.

The Peris family has made it clear “the blood sample taken from Jessica on the same day has tested negative and a further urine sample taken from Jessica two days later on October 20, 2017 has also tested negative.”

If sample B is negative Jessica Peris will be cleared. If it is positive the family will head to the Court of Arbitration for Sport for an expedited hearing seeking to challenge the “overall testing procedure” which Nova Peris has said is “flawed”.

“We also hope that ASADA deals with this matter without any further delays, so that this matter can be addressed and finalised as quickly as possible,” Nova Peris said.

“Jessica insists that she did not take any performance-enhancing substance and she will do all she can to ensure that her reputation as a clean athlete continues unblemished.”






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