OnePlus makes own blind camera test, OP6 wins one of four categories

The beginning of this month, OnePlus organized a blind camera test on its own website to promote the OnePlus 6‘s improved camera capabilities. They’ve put the new OnePlus against the top flagships of 2018 – the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 (strangely not the S9+) and Google’s Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL.

The blind test included a series of photos in various conditions. According to OnePlus, these scenes are the most common ones an average user would snap. We’ve got a low-light portrait, outdoor portrait, low-light scenery and daylight architecture. The OnePlus 6 comes out on top in only one of the tests and takes a respectable second place in two others.

In the first test, the OnePlus 6 came out as the best in low-light portraits with Google’s Pixel 2 in second position.

When it comes to detail in daylight conditions, the device came as second – behind the iPhone X and almost sharing its place on the pedestal with the Pixel 2.

In the third category of low-light night scenery, the Pixel 2 came out as a winner with the OnePlus 6 following closely behind.

And in the last category (daylight portrait), the device lost to the Galaxy S9 and the Pixel 2 but still beating the iPhone X.

It’s good to see OnePlus being transparent with the results to some extent because it shows that its latest flagship isn’t perfect, but you don’t need us to tell you that a shootout from a manufacturer is hardly the most trustworthy thing.

It’s easy to skew results when you have a horse in the race – either through adjusting the cameraphone’s shooting parameters on in post processing. The original images were not shared after the shootout, either, but even if they were we’d still struggle to take its results too seriously.


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