Dade City: Pasco County, Florida: In fairness to Dillon Xynides, please, review the updated story link HERE

Dillon Nathaniel Xynides (18) was arrested on February 23rd for bringing an AR-15 (with Ammo) onto the Pasco High School campus. An administrator walking the parking lot spotted shot gun shells in the bed of a truck (and a gun case on the seat). When school officials contacted Xynides, the case was opened and the AR-15 (with Ammo) were found. It has also been reported Xynides also had possession of a knife, however, the make, model and size of the knife could not be confirmed.

Xynides was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon on school property, a third-degree felony. In addition, Xynides posted a video of the weapon on SnapChat on Thursday.

Pasco High student, 18, charged with bringing AR-15 to campus
Pasco High student, 18, charged with bringing AR-15 to campus

The arrest of Xynides may signal the beginning of the end (of those under the age of 21), being able to purchase a weapon (such as the AR-15) that’s used in combat situations. What compels anyone to take any weapon onto a school campus in the aftermath of the mass killings in Florida (this past week) is the big question. While one can’t make sense of Cruz’s motives, one must continue to question, evaluate and detain those who break the law by freely moving weapons into areas where they are prohibited.

It’s been reported that Xynides is described by the school administration as being a “good young man with no prior disciplinary actions”. Xynides mother has been “cooperative and forthcoming” according to a press release issued by the Dade City Police Department.




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