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A Spanish singer and dancer has died after being hit by an exploding pyrotechnic in the middle of a performance.

Joana Sainz Garcia, 30, was struck in the abdomen and knocked unconscious while performing with the Super Hollywood Orchestra at a festival near Madrid.

A doctor and nurse who were in the crowd tried to help the singer following the incident at about 2am local time on Sunday, according to local media reports.

Around 1,000 people were watching the performance and footage posted on social media appears to show the moment the pyrotechnic device exploded, causing the dancer to collapse.

Ms Sainz died in hospital.

Isidoro Lopez, owner of promoter Prones 1SL, told local news agency Avila Red that the group had been performing the same act for five years without issue.

“Nobody can explain it,” he said.

A statement on Prones 1SL’s Facebook page paid tribute to Ms Sainz and read: “We will always remember you, Joana. R.I.P.”

Ms Sainz, from Santander, was reportedly the main dancer and choreographer for the 15-piece Super Hollywood Orchestra, which comprises singers, musicians and dancers.

The local government of Las Berlanas, where the festival was held, wrote on Facebook: “RIP Joana Sainz. You are in our memory.”

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