Redding “felt dangerous” to other riders in Misano race

Redding toiled to the chequered flag in 21st, a minute and nine seconds behind race winner Andrea Dovizioso for what was his largest gap to the front in 2018.

The Briton said he intentionally dropped out of the pack early on because he was unable to get his RS-GP bike stopped in the corners.

“The race was the worst of the worst. To be honest I felt myself quite dangerous in the race,” he said. “I was hitting a lot of riders because I couldn’t stop the bike.

“But then I said ‘f*** this, I need to come out [of the pack]’ because I don’t want to ride like this, this is not fair on the other riders and it’s not fair on me.

“So I gave a bit of space to try and find the rhythm but I just could not stop, the front tyre was squashing and locking.

“I was not missing the line by one or two meters, I’m five to eight meters off the line and it’s every corner.”

Redding, who has had a difficult first season at Aprilia and will leave the team at the end of the year, said he felt stronger on lower fuel, but was still “just making the line, not pushing”.

“For me it’s not really racing like this, it’s difficult to accept that and I finished quite frustrated honestly,” he said.

“You just cannot stop the bike. Like, I can brake earlier and earlier which is fine but you don’t go faster.

“So what do you want to do? You cannot push, you cannot get the feeling, you’re just trying to make the line without pushing. It’s really hard.”

Redding’s disappointment was exacerbated by the fact he had looked competitive all throughout practice.

“At the beginning of the weekend I thought we had a chance to be in the points again and it’s completely opposite.

“Just another punch in the face this weekend.”

Additional reporting by Lena Buffa

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