Epic Fail in Broward County

An Epic Fail in Broward County: There all sorts of suggestions offering everything from raising the gun toting age up to 21 to; conducting intensive background checks in order to curb the sale of guns to those who may be suffering from mental illness. What we ALL appear to know is that the police failed, the FBI failed, local and state agencies failed and the end result of those failures? 17 lives lost in Parkland and countless more (across the United States), as a direct result of a system-wide failure on more levels than any of us could have ever imagined. Those looking to law enforcement (in Broward County) for answers, need to look no further than those who had direct contact with Cruz over a long period of time. Just how many telephone calls and LEO visits does it take to STOP looking the other way?
Scott Israel - Future Former Sheriff of Broward County
Scott Israel – Current Sheriff of Broward County


Fight or Flight..

No doubt, we’d have lost many wars, if our combat troops ran away at the first sign of danger or hearing gun-shots. Sheriff’s arriving on scene (at Parkland), and waiting to enter the building (as the body count climbed), most likely cost lives. If many believe the opposite is true, then many have resigned themselves to a future of complacency and think that there is nothing that needs to be improved. Chief Israel has come up with something akin to a soup to nuts riddle, that if one could unravel might hold some clues as to how this man thinks. It’s moronic to even think that this man can stay (or will) remain in his position, as the ignorance (he displays on his daily tour of TV shows), simply serves to keep him in the spotlight and drill his “it wasn’t my fault” message into the minds of those willing to latch onto the notion Israel did not ONE thing wrong.

The “warnings’ were many. FORTY-FIVE calls from those seeking help to control Cruz from hurting himself and those insisting he was going to hurt others. How many times do the police have to be called to come on by and pick up an (obviously disturbed), individual and place him into the hands of a few professionals? We’ll follow all the laws but, common sense never prevails? What did common sense tell those at the Broward Sheriff’s office (call center & visiting deputies), when they came into contact with Cruz (in person) or on the phone? Hello? You’re in a soon to be mass murderer’s home, what do you see? Anything out of place? Find any clues? Did you even check to see how many guns Cruz had access to? Did you ever arrest him, detain him, fingerprint him or for that matter even talk to him? 

Pasco County LEO’s on LivePD

Pasco County Live PD
Pasco County LEO’s on Live PD

In Pasco County, Florida (specifically Hudson & NPR), the PCSO appears weekly on Live PD. They have their hands full with assault and battery cases. The Sheriff’s are simply out and about collecting these people (daily), processing them and seeing them turned loose within a few hours (or a few days). They get arrested again and again. One has to wonder just how many times one can be caught and released before the assault may escalate to the point where the coroner has to be called to the crime scene.

No doubt, these bad actors have access to all sorts of weapons (and even drugs). The ultimate weapon would be a firearm, which could not only kill or maim a police officer, but, be used in serious crimes. Those who are using meth, heroin and opioids, would be deemed extremely dangerous if they have access to a firearm. These people present themselves (at times) in an uncontrollable state (if they’re not already found passed out on the street, in front of a business or in the woods). In addition, LEO’s answering calls to a residence are in danger if there are guns on the premises and may have no clue, as to what they’re walking into.


An obvious answer to protecting LEO’s, the general public, neighbors (and family members), would be to remove ALL the guns from the household – when answering an assault & battery call. If a LEO answers such a call (and a gun or rifle is found on the premises), the guns need to be removed and held in safe keeping (by the police department), until it is determined that the individual(s) are not a danger to themselves or the community.
The question of taking someone’s guns away (who may pose a danger to others) is NOT taking their rights away, it’s the process of protecting them (and those who they come into contact with) with the right to live their lives in peace. If the Broward County Sheriff’s Office had done their job, Cruz would have had to relinquish ALL of his weapons thus, reducing him to using another weapon, which may killed or maimed a few but, not the many.
National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

The NRA is too late to save what’s coming their way. Walmart and Dick’s have basically told the NRA we’re going to police ourselves and simply remove the danger by raising the age limit or simply by not carrying a combat weapon in their stores.

No Kudos to Walmart or Dick’s, as they could have removed these weapons from their shelves (or raised gun buying age limits) years ago. 
I don’t have all the answers (no one does). The killings will never stop, as our population grows, our consumption of guns never wanes and those in power (who appear to be powerless most of the time) are voted out of office and replaced by some like minded Americans. As for Sheriff Israel, his performance in front of cameras proves one thing, he has a penchant for the dramatic and may have a future in acting.

Jim Staab

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