‘Second World War bomb explosion’ caused huge crater in German field | World News

An enormous crater found in an open field in Germany over the weekend is thought to have been caused by the explosion of a Second World War bomb. 

Police in central Germany said the crater had been discovered near Limburg-Ahlbach on Sunday afternoon.

Drone pictures showed the huge eyesore, which is around 30ft in diameter and 12ft in depth.

There was no initial evidence found to link it to a bomb explosion, and a statement from police said there were “no indications of causation by machines or farm tools”.

But residents reported hearing a “strong explosion” in the early hours of the morning on Sunday, which was followed by “a quake”.

By Monday afternoon, local police released an updated statement to say it was now “almost certain” that a Second World War-era bomb had been detonated.

Speaking to hessenschau.de, city spokesperson Johannes Laubach said he was “glad” there were no injuries in the suspected blast, but added that it was unsurprising that such a bomb would be found there.

He said: “With the former railway depot, we were quite a bomb target at the end of the Second World War.”

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