The Art Of Exhaust-Making At Fujitsubo

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Amongst the foggy Hinoki Cypress forest in the foothills of Mt. Fuji, a family business continues a generational legacy of fine metalwork. Master craftsmen bend, cut and weld their creations from the strongest and lightest Japanese steel, and the finished product provides the edge to defeat rivals in battles all over the world. No, you
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24 Hours To Learn How To Drift

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The Challenge Is it unrealistic to learn how to drift on a track in just one day? Quite probably, but let’s find out anyway. Now, just to be clear, I’m talking big boy drifting, driving that requires both skill and a demonstrated level of control. We’re certainly not talking about power skids or wild uncontrolled
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Project bB: Building For Boost

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It’s been a long while since my last Project bB update, but with things actually coming together now I thought it would be a good idea to bring you guys up to speed before progress (hopefully) becomes more rapid. When we left off, the stock engine and automatic transmission had been pulled out at JTune Automotive‘s workshop in Auckland, and my
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Simplicity Just Works: The Volk Racing CE28N

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It’s time to continue our look at some of RAYS’ most iconic wheels. After dedicating some space to the iconic TE37 and its future, I wanted to shine a light on another very important model in the line-up, the CE28N. This is one of Volk Racing’s most recognizable wheels. It was brought into production in the
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Doctor’s Orders: Why Lamborghini Matters in 2018

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Meet The Doctor There’s a small section of floor which reveals the red brickwork of the original factory floor, now covered in a clear resin. It’s a simple but significant nod to Lamborghini’s past, and the final remaining feature of the ‘old’ days which are long behind one of the world’s most exciting car manufacturers. That doesn’t
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Priorities & Paganis – Speedhunters

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My two great passions are photography and cars. After spending way too much time watching the work of other automotive photographers I started shooting my own stuff; one thing led to another and, well, now I shoot cars for a living. Not bad for a car enthusiast, huh? But even if shooting cars takes up to
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The Road To WTAC Starts Here

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The Latest From Japan World Time Attack Challenge 2018 is just over a month away, which means if you are an international entry the deadline to get your car ready is pretty much up. And that’s especially true for those shipping their cars in from the Northern Hemisphere, as the Japanese contingent are. The cars will
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A Crash Course On Volk Racing

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Learning From Racing Setting a trend or making a mark on fashion isn’t an easy thing. Creating something so iconic that it becomes a de facto style in itself is elevating things to the highest level. You can confidently say that this is where RAYS’ Volk Racing line up sits; an ever expanding collection of wheels that
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