The rule change F1 should rush for 2019

The tyre tender issued by the FIA last week revealed Formula 1’s desire to do away with tyre blankets – but there’s no reason the sport should wait until 2021 to make the change.

Ahead of the German Grand Prix, the FIA quietly issued its tyre tender document for the 2020-2023 seasons, with a ban on tyre blankets, narrower front wheels and low-profile tyres set out as Formula 1’s future from 2021 onwards. It could spice up the show, but arguably the changes could be brought in even earlier.

Through the years, the demands on what the tyres need to withstand has changed dramatically. Since Pirelli became sole supplier in 2011, it has been under tremendous scrutiny – particularly after the tyre failures at Silverstone in ’13. But all the way through drivers have complained about not being able to push as hard as they want to because temperatures are so critical to tyre management.

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