This in-Depth Training Bundle Will Teach You MATLAB & Simulink

One of the most popular tools used in data analysis is MATLAB, a numerical computing language used in hundreds of science and engineering fields.

With MATLAB, you can develop machine learning algorithms, visualize data, and create complex simulations. The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Bundle features 5 courses covering these topics and more, and it’s on sale now for US$35.

One way to learn MATLAB basics is through classification algorithms, which are covered in Machine Learning Classification Algorithms Using MATLAB.

This course provides a crash course to MATLAB and illustrates the types of datasets you can expect to work with.

It also introduces classification algorithms such as K-Nearest Neighbor, Naive Bayes, Decision Trees, and Discriminant Analysis.

Another way to get your hands wet with MATLAB is learning clustering algorithms. Machine Learning For Data Science Using MATLAB delves into this along with covering classification algorithms.

Some of the topics you’ll encounter are Support Vector Machines, Ensembles, Performance Evaluation, and K-Means. This course provides hands-on experience using a malware analysis project.

One tool often used in data analysis is Microsoft Excel, and using it in conjunction with MATLAB can help you overcome the former’s shortcomings.

Data Analysis With MATLAB For Excel Users features lessons on how to preprocess and import Excel data into MATLAB, how to visualize data, and how to generate reports.

Another tool often used with MATLAB is Simulink, which allows users to rapidly create virtual prototypes and models. The MATLAB & Simulink Bible: Zero To Hero introduces beginners to Simulink with 10 hands-on simulation projects.

This includes projects like simulating a mass spring damper system and building a battery model.

Once you’re comfortable with Simulink you can move on to the final course: Model A Car & Design A PID Controler In MATLAB + Simulink. This course delves into more advanced Simulink topics such as how physics can affect simulated objects.

You’ll learn how to design the cruise control system for a Tesla Model S and how to establish the mathematical model for an electric motor.

The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Bundle can be found in the ScienceAlert Academy for US$35, down from US$549.96.

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