A humble man in Norway is the owner of a very unique Porsche 911.

The car rolled off the assembly line as a 991 Turbo S, but after a 12-month transformation that included custom work by Porsche, it’s been unofficially reimagined as a ‘Turbo RS’ with 680hp (and counting) to boot.


At a quick glance the car looks like a GT2 RS, but look closer and you start to see that all is not as it first seems. The front bumper, hood and side skirts are all GT2 RS parts, but they’ve been modified to fit the Turbo S model perfectly, with fully functional air intakes and outlets at the front. It wasn’t an easy job, but Porsche made it work.


Around the back, the owner opted not for the GT2 RS wing, but a slightly less elevated 991.2 GT3 RS item.

After Porsche had weaved their magic, the car was brought back from Germany and left in the capable hands of a Norwegian tuner that took it to a whole new level in the performance department.


The original plan was to use the GT2 RS wheels for the car, but there was an issue that ultimately meant this idea was scrapped. This is where Vossen stepped in and built a one-off set of GNS-1 wheels – 21×9.5-inch front and 21×12.5-inch rear – finished in matte gunmetal.


Lift the rear deck lid and you’ll find the same twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter flat six found in the GT2 RS, albeit with modified intakes and turbos, and a Do88 intercooler to bring around 680hp and 850Nm to the party. With TechArt chassis options also in the mix and the substantial rubber on the road, this all-wheel drive machine puts it down to the ground with ease.


You might be wondering why the owner didn’t save himself a whole lot of trouble and just buy a GT2 RS to begin with, but the answer to that is simple: you can’t fit your kids in the back when you’ve only got two seats. This custom creation solves that issue, while the AWD makes it Norway-friendly for wintertime use.

It’s also a pretty nice addition to a collection that includes an Audi RS2 and a Ford Escort RS Cosworth.


As impressive as this car might be, the owner isn’t finished yet. He’s currently working with a renowned Swedish Supra tuner to bring his ‘Turbo RS’ up to 900hp with a revised turbo system and nitrous oxide. Maybe we should take another look soon…

Håkon L. Sataøen
Instagram: haakonz
Facebook: fotografhaakonsataoen


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