Two men arrested after fight breaks out on MRT train

NBN Asia News

NBN Asia News

SINGAPORE: Two men were arrested after they got into a fight on board an MRT train near Raffles Place MRT station on Wednesday (Nov 7), police said.

Police said they were alerted to a case of affray at 10.48am at 5 Raffles Place, adding that two men aged 16 and 25 were arrested in relation to the case.

A video of the event, posted on Facebook, showed the two men punching and kicking each other as shocked bystanders moved away.

During the brawl, at least one of the men was heard goading the other while a woman could be heard urging the two to stop the fight.

The video also showed one of the men spitting at the other as they exchanged words in Malay.

Police investigations are ongoing.


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