Bulls On Parade In The United Kingdom

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The Long & Winding Road In its relatively short time on this Earth, drifting has evolved from an underground niche practised on the mountain roads of Japan, to an bustling industry, motorsport and lifestyle. It’s fair to say that, 10 years ago, if you’d have mentioned ‘drifting’ to a non-car person (we do occasionally have to talk
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The After Work Drive: Why Simple Cars Are Best

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Last week, I had one of the best after-work drives of my life. For the past two months, the UK temperature gauge has been reading a solid 25°C+ (77°F+) pretty much non-stop. To some, this is perfect drinking and BBQ weather. To Paddy and Jordan, who hate the heat, this is a living nightmare. I absolutely love
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86 Day UK: More Than Just Corollas

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Welcome One, Welcome All Organised by the Corolla Brotherhood, this year’s UK 8/6 meet once again took place at Driftworks HQ in Birmingham, England. Don’t let the name fool you – the Corolla Brotherhood is an equal opportunities collective, and pretty much any retro Toyota is welcome into its ranks. Heck, if the turnout at
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Unicorn Hunting At Luftgekühlt – Speedhunters

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For the most part, the line-up for the first ever Luft GB event was kept under wraps. I knew the Singer test mule might make an appearance, and the event artwork featured the 904 GTS, which I guessed might be there, but other than that it was open season for unicorn hunting at Bicester Heritage last weekend. And
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When Time Attack Takes To Two Wheels

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Old But New In 2017, the organisers of Time Attack in the UK took the concept and stuck it right under the noses of the motorcycle racing industry with the slogan ‘it’s not racing, it’s Time Attack’. A move that at first was seen to be a little bit confusing or even a little bit
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What’s Behind The Curtain At KW?

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It’s surprisingly dark in here. Away from the bright lights of the factory floor, not a stone’s throw away, there’s a discreet door which leads to a large, undecorated concrete room. I’ve been here once before. Then, like now, the space was being used to store KW’s current and former project cars, along with some
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In The Name Of Pride

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Despite all the talk of the non-VW attendees at Players Classic this year, I couldn’t help but shine a spotlight on at least one build of note, namely Dan Bray’s Caddy R360. There is a tiny bit of self indulgence here, which I’m hoping you’ll allow me. My first motorised vehicle was a 2005 Volkswagen Caddy, so
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Ford Versus Japan – Speedhunters

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Working Class Heroes For me, the highlight of Players Classic was the increase in diversity. While I can never recall any of the Players events being billed as exclusively VW Group events, it seems that more and more people are starting to realise that everyone is welcome at Players. While I enjoy the assembled Volkswagens, Audis, Porsches and
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