Last year, one plucky old BMW drift car made a small drift course in rural Estonia famous all around the world.

As such, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Kehala Ring, otherwise known as the home of ‘Air Drift’.


If you didn’t catch the video or just feel like watching it again, hit the play button above. It was the first time a proper drift competition had been held on the rallycross track, and given the reception it received, this year the local organizers decided to do it all over again.

Nicknamed the ‘Rollercoaster from Hell’, the best North European drifters were invited along to compete at the opening round of 2019 NEZ (North European Zone) championship.


The Kehala Ring is very technical with lots of turns and elevation changes, and during the first practice laps the teams scrambled to figure out the best suspension settings. Drivers approached the jump section with caution, the hardest chargers only grabbing a little air.


Make the suspension too soft and you’ll bounce and lose traction; make it too hard and it’s fingers crossed your parts can handle it.

Unfortunately, things did go wrong for few competitors. Urmo Täheste fully dedicated himself to the jump, but it seemed as though something broke during the landing, and that sent this once very clean BMW E34 with a Viper V10 engine into the wall.

During the last half hour of practice driver confidence was much higher, and as such so were the jumps. I’ve never seen a flying Supra till now.


If I had to hand out an award for the most spectacular jump though, it would have gone to Henri Kivimägi.

Drifting is an exciting sport at any level, but in Northern Europe this is taking the grassroots side to another level.

What do you think – should jumps be a part of every drift track and event?

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka

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