WhatsApp Messages, Poems To Send Your Partner On Promise Day

Happy Promise Day: Pamper your loved ones with poems and messages on this promise day.

New Delhi: As Valentine’s Week continues, people gear up to celebrate Promise Day today with their partners. This day serves as a reminder to spread love around and to promise your partner commitment and togetherness. February is the month of love and Rose Day, Promise Day all lead up to the big day of February 14. Each day is special for every couple and they leave no stones unturned to make their partner feel loved and pampered. So for Promise Day, we have listed down a few messages and poems you can send to your partner on WhatsApp or say in person. Make every day special on Valentine’s week.

Here are a few messages and poems for your partner on Promise Day:

As we watch the Sun go down,
I want to let you know,
My love for you is forever,
I will never let you go.
Happy Promise Day.

I want to be the greatest of me,
For this is all I can do.
It is my wish that you promise me this,
You be the greatest of you.
Happy Promise Day.


I promise to wait for you if you’re far away,
I promise to love you, every night, every day.
I promise to take care of you, in sickness and in health,
I promise to choose you always, over riches and wealth.
Happy Promise Day.


On this promise day, I vow to never let you down and pick you up whenever you are. I vow to hold your hand, even when you want to let go. I promise to love you madly and unconditionally till the end of time. I promise to give you all of me and love you till eternity.

I promise with my heart and soul,
To love you when we grow old,
To hold your hand through ups and downs,
To take you around villages and towns,
To lead the way in darkness,
To love you with a pinch of madness.
Happy Promise Day.


So, for all you people struggling to pen down your thoughts on Promise Day, take a hint from here and make your partner feel loved and special. Happy Promise Day!

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