Woman Survives After Being Run Over By The Same Car Twice. Watch Video

Woman Survives After Being Run Over By The Same Car Twice. Watch Video

Ms Nan’s injuries were not life threatening.

It is said lightning never strikes the same place twice. However, for one woman crossing a street in China, misery did strike twice within mere seconds. A video posted by CGTN on Twitter shows the woman being hit by the same car twice. And even though the car drove over her, she survived the accident without sustaining any major injuries.The incident took place in China’s Lianyungang on December 27 and was caught on camera. Footage recorded shows the woman, identified as Ms Nan, crossing a road when the car hits her the first time. The driver immediately gets down from the car to help her as do several passersby. However, moments after they rescue her, the car zooms forwards again. The driver hadn’t pulled the handbrakes of the vehicle, and his grandchild, still in the car, accidentally started it.

While Ms Nan’s injuries were not life threatening, the video makes for quite a startling watch. Take a look:

“That was scary,” says one Twitter user on the video. “Absolutely terrifying,” says another.

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